OBSERVER Photo by Mary Heyl 4-H teen ambassador Elizabeth Comstock and retired Sheriff’s department lieutenant Jim Quattrone took part in Sunday’s “Pig Patrol” fundraiser.

At the County Fair

Thank you to everyone who make the Chautauqua County Fair a success. A special thanks to the 4H Teen Ambassador’s who did a fabulous job explaining about the many programs they participate. 4H is a great example of the positive effects that mentoring can have on our youth and ultimately our community. With about 1,500 farms in our county, being ranked number one in grape production and number two in fruit and nut production we have a lot to be proud of our county for. I encourage you to go to the fair to learn more about our agricultural business, 4H, and to support the great efforts that make our community so great.

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We had a great time participating in the first annual “Pig Patrol” at the Chautauqua County Fair. The event was an opportunity to introduce Law Enforcement Officer to 4H Club members and at the same time raise money for a worthwhile cause. Its important that our young people can see the police as people like them and that the police see the great hard working and compassionate young people out there. All proceeds of this event will go to the “Fight for Seeley” scholarship fund.

Thank you Elizabeth Comstock for taking leadership in organizing this event and to all those who assisted you along the way. I also want to thank al the 4H participants who took the time and allowed us to use their pigs for this show. Our Judge for the event, Brandon, did a wonderful job. A special thank you to Corrine who provided a crash course to me on the art of pig showing and coached me along the way.

We Need Your Help

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